- This knife was designed for outdoor activity and daily use and should be used for legitimate purposes. Damage to the product from inappropriate use could void the warranty.
- If this knife is used for illicit purpose or improper self-defense, under the laws and regulations of a given jurisdiction, the user can face legal consequences.
- The blade of the knife is very sharp, so extreme caution should be exercised and this product must be kept out of the reach of children.
- Putting the sheath on in the reverse direction or in an inadvisable way is highly dangerous, and thus proper sheathing is recommended at all times.

Gear & Tools

- This product was designed as auxiliary equipment for martial arts training or as self-defense equipment, so to ensure proper use, both comprehension of design purpose and specialized training are required.
- Request for warranty coverage due to the use for purposes other than those originally designed can be denied, and especially if the product is used to harm people or in improper self-defense, the user can be liable for the legal consequences depending on the legal jurisdiction.


- The surfaces of titanium accessory are the following: metal silver stone-washing, tiger stripe with high intensity flame process, aurora with low intensity flame process, and surface hardening heat treatment (brown finish).
- Due to the characteristics of titanium, minor scratches can be on the product's surface, and even among products with the same surface treatment, different colors can appear due to the differences in thermal treatment temperature.


- Please contact the seller for a refund or exchange In case of a defects in the product.
- The products of Raidops observe laws and regulations of the country of manufacture for design and manufacture. As laws and regulations can differ by country, users are recommended to learn and recognize the laws and regulations of their jurisdictions in advance prior to possession and shall prevent any issue arising from use.
- Specifications or design of the product may be modified without notice of product improvement, and the product can be different from images on the catalog or website.
- The dimensions, surface colors, logo location and design of products under handwork can differ from those of data or specifications at the catalog or website.
- Products under heat treatment might have slight bending, rough surface or soot from the hardening process.
- Be aware that products under heat treatment can see reduced hardness or surface damage if the products are exposed directly to flame. Especially for knives, depending on exposure level, the products might be rendered unusable.
- If the products are exposed to moisture for a long time, rust can build up, and thus the products should be allowed to dry after use.
- The term of warranty for all products is one year, and any problems within that term shall be dealt at the place of purchase.
- For a problem that emerges after the warranty expires, please contact the place of purchase for service.
- Product specifications can be modified without notification or image modification on the website.